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Do you have questions or need help?  Look here first.  Contact me if you need more help HERE.

A New User

My Wall is the name of your home page.   It is where you will find everything for you and about you.  You control the information.  You can add, upload, edit, change settings, post, see notifications, your messages, photos, documents, and activity.

You can find a link to My Wall in the menus at the top right side, bottom, and right side of any page.

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You can change both your Profile and Background pictures on your wall.  Go to My Wall.  Look for the word Settings.  Go to Settings.  You will see how to Delete, Upload, and Change your profile pictures.

The Background photo needs to be very wide across and short height.  It may be difficult to get it the way you want it to look.  I am  trying to change that (11/2016).

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To write look for “What’s New?” on a big grey area with a white box inside.  Inside the big  white box is where you go to write.  You can add photos, links, videos, and documents, to your post by using the buttons/icons under the writing area.

To publish click the Update Post button in the lower right corner of the grey area.

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You must use English.  Write about simple things.  Write often.

What you write about is not important.  How and how much you write is important.  Be careful to spell and use grammar correctly.  Do your best work.  We can help you to fix anything that you want help with.

Ideas to write about

  • Your day – what did you do today?
  • Your favorite things – music, food, movies, etc.
  • Your mood today – are you happy or sad?  Why?

Things NOT to write

  • No Personal information
  • No Address
  • No Phone number
  • No Bank account information
  • No Credit card numbers


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Be Social

Send an invitation to your friends, class, teachers, and family.  Invite them to join us!

We are new, there are not many people here yet.  Help us grow!

  1. On your Wall you will see “Send Social Invites“.  Click on that.  You can send invitations to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and email.
  2. Look around at other Members, send a friend request and a message to them.
  3. Invite your ESL or English class and teachers to join us.
  4. Copy this link and send it in a text message.  Invite them to join us.
  5. Join a Group.
  6. Make your own Group.
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You can create a Group to post and share together with people in one place.  You can share photos, documents, and more.

Go to the Main Menu at the top.  Go to Groups page or HERE.  Click “Create a Group”.  Send invitations to members to join your group.

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Login to the site first.  You will see the word Chat on a black button at the bottom right side of all pages.  Press the word Chat.  Find someone online and start writing!  You can leave a message for me and I will answer.

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BuddyDrive is a place to store and share files of things to see or print.

  • Each member has one BuddyDrive.
  • You can put things to print in your BuddyDrive to share with others.  They are called files.
  • Files are: worksheets, pages of stories, handouts, homework, puzzles, and other things to print.
  • BuddyDrive is on your account page.

Use your BuddyDrive.

  • You can look at files online.  You do not have to print.
  • You can put/upload files from your phone, tablet, or computer into your BuddyDrive.
  • You can take/download files to your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • You can work with files together with friends online.
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You can ask questions about using English!

  • You can get help with speaking, writing, and understanding, English.
  • You can get help with translating.
  • You can help with grammar.
  • Submit your question on this page: Ask About English.
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